Which Way to Go?

Where have I been? Which direction am I going? Why haven’t I been blogging? The answer is re-write, re-write, re-write! I’m pleased to say my re-write has been flying along.  When I first decided I needed to do a major overhaul–and add myself into the story more (other than physically moving through space as a … Continue reading Which Way to Go?

Re-Write: the First Steps

This is what my re-write looks like right now–taking over the dining room table. As I wrote in prior blogs, I’ve started a serious re-write of my graphic novel, Camino Real. As an artist, re-writing doesn’t happen on my computer at this stage. It’s all about cutting and pasting the physical book, and finding space … Continue reading Re-Write: the First Steps

What’s It Called…?

It’s summer. The perfect time for Sangria. And…red wine with cola! Australian pilgrims I met at the Cafe Bar Espana, in Carrion de Los Condes, introduced me to a Spanish drink that refreshingly combined red wine and cola. It sounded dreadful–but tasted pretty good. Does anyone know what it’s called? It had a name–you didn’t … Continue reading What’s It Called…?

Precious Art

My last blog, Changing Focus, was about the re-visioning of my Camino Graphic Novel. I’ve had very kind feedback from many people, including those expressing concern for the difficulty of slashing through my existing draft to cut artwork and prose. I was taught early on not to let my art become “precious”. It’s actually more … Continue reading Precious Art

Changing Focus

Maybe it’s prophetic that the Word Press name I got for this blog, devoted to my graphic novel (working title Camino Real), was My Camino Real. After some consultation and read-throughs with trusted friends, who have excellent editorial skills, I’ve decided that Camino Real is changing direction. When I started writing, I was thinking memoir/travelogue–with other … Continue reading Changing Focus